Fairy Portraits Fantasy Artshow

Daniela Colleo is the author of Fantasy Portraits, whose purpose is to show artworks featuring fairies, gnomes, pixies and other inhabitants of the fairy tales.

The show is open for different kinds of artists: photomanipulation art, digital art, and traditional. There's also a section for under 14 years old artists.

The rules for the show and for submitting works are here:


The show is still open and is receiving the first artworks.

Daniela asked me to participate, and this is my fairy for her beautiful art show:

Don't forget to drop by the Fairy Portraits Fantasy Artshow as there are very good artworks there, and more will be added.

-Emma Alvarez-

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bokjae said...

Hi Emma, I had given you an Award for your wonderful friendship! You dont have to put it up, I understand but just to show my appreciation to U!!! Hey I wanna buy something from you but do you send to Malaysia?

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