When Flaws Become Virtues

There was a disabled old woman that lived in a forest. She had two nephews. One was tall and strong, the other was very lame and rather clumsy.

Each day, her nephews brought all that the old woman may need to her house. But the weaker nephew always felt ashamed for bringing much less things than his cousin. He always lost something in the way. He was tormented by that.

He felt very unhappy, and started a competition with his cousin in which he never won. One day, in despair, he went to visit the old woman sooner, and said her: "Dear Aunt, I will never come back here. Mi cousin can look after you much better than me. I am just a hindrance... I always end losing everything and I'm not useful for caring about anyone".

The old woman looked at him with sweetness. "You, my nephew, are who brings more happiness to me. Haven't you seen all the beauty and joy that surrounds my house?"

The boy saw that all around the house of the old woman there were dozens of fruit trees and flowers of all colors.

"Each day that you come, you drop some piece of fruit. You bring the water and pour it over the earth, and thus you water the fields. You are the author of all this, you bring happiness to my days. Your flaws have become virtues, and you are my favorite".

Since that day, the boy felt proud of his limp and his clumsiness. And since that day, he had a sparkle in his eyes that lasted forever.

-Emma Alvarez-

© 2008 by Emma Alvarez. Link to this post without copying the text.

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great emma... great words

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