The News Of The Day: Rearrange Of Alexa

These days Alexa has rearranged its index of sites. This has caused a real collapse in Internet, as many well-known sites have seen their Alexa rank worsened.

For those who don't know what Alexa is: it's a toolbar that you can add to your browser:

The Alexa Rank indicates how much visited a website is. Websites with a lesser number are more visited than others with bigger numbers. For example, a website with 50,000 of Alexa has more visitors than one with 8,000,000 of Alexa.

Having a good Alexa Rank is very important, specially for people that are freelancers (like in my case) or people that have their main income from their websites, businesses, etc. Having a good Alexa Rank makes advertisers and clients to trust more in you.

Previous to this change, Alexa gave better positions to those sites that had more visitors with the Alexa toolbar installed. Some sites recommended to all their visitors and readers to install it, and ranked much higher than real. This happened mainly in blogs about SEO, technology and money-making. These blogs have been the most damaged by this change.

Some sites also recommended ways to cheat the Alexa toolbar. All these things have been detected.

With all this, many people have felt very surprised when they visited some sites and saw so big changes in their Alexa Ranks.

People that were very high ranked have lost many positions. Others have stayed in the same place, like in my case :)

Anyway, few people are really affected by the Alexa rankings. Only professionals, businesses and freelancers, like me.

There are many good websites and blogs with poor Alexa rank, and their content may be excellent. To have a good rank and earn money online is not as easy as many money-making blogs say. It takes a lot of dedication, work, and a great effort. But, of course, saying this is not cool, but it's reality. People prefer to hear that it's quick and easy. But it's hard and takes as many work hours as a offline job.

I feel very comfortable with these changes because there are many people that make a lot of cheats, steal original content from others, etc. And for all this, Internet is auto-protecting itself.
Some people seem to be able of doing all kinds of cheats during some months (copy articles, make cheats with the rankings, spam everywhere...). Then, they gave up. But during that time, they have poisoned all the Internet. But all this ends in one way or another.

Finally, Alexa did a great job, and today it's the best Internet rank.

-Emma Alvarez-

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