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Every serious business needs a well-designed corporate website. The website's contents tell the clients what they will find there, what is it all about.

But the design of a website does much more than just displaying information. Through its shapes and colors, the website design can give a first feel of quality and reliability to clients and visitors.

That's why every business or individual that is serious about his enterprise must use a quality business web site design. Also, web designers may need some professional templates as a base to begin their creative work, or as a toolbox that can save them from situations of lack of time for designing.

BuyTemplates.net has solutions for these 3 types of clients:

  • For the business man, they have customization services. Your business can have its own and unique template.

  • For the individual or entrepreneur that wants a quality template, they have pre-designed professional templates.

  • And for the professional designers, they have a membership option that allows them to get a wide range of templates to download and use.

There are hundreds of pre-designed templates for just $29. They all include different layouts for homepage and five internal pages. This is an interesting detail that gives these templates a solid corporate image, and adds variety.

They are compatible with many web editors (Dreamweaver, Frontpage...) and can be edited to customize them completely to your needs. There are also Flash templates, that include movement and animations. Source files, that come with the template, also include PSDs, HTML and external CSS files.

If you are a designer or for some reason you need a big toolbox of templates, there is also an interesting option: the membership. With it, you can download many templates of all that is available now and what will be added while you remain as a member.
As a member, you get downloads of freebies like icons, logos, arrows and buttons, photos for your website... There are 3 plans: yearly ($360), 6 months ($245) and 3 months ($120). It's not too much, if you measure that it gives you right to download all that you want. The downloaded templates can be used in your projects as many times as you wish.

There are also templates for Joomla, the so popular portal system that many businesses and communities use to build their websites.

And what if your business needs an unique template? Then use the customization services that BuyTemplates.net has.
And if you already have a template and want to change some things in it, even if you purchased it from another vendor, they will customize it too.
That template will always be yours, and you'll own the 100% exclusive rights over it. The prices are really affordable for any business, let it be small or big.

In fact, in BuyTemplates.net they do much more, as they can build an exclusive template from scratch, and in addition help in any of the phases that a business needs, from promotion (SEO, etc) to hosting and maintenance (content insertion, updates, etc). For an ecommerce website, they can add all the forms, databases, shopping cart system, etc.

Their payment method is secure, through Paypal or 2Checkout. And if you're not satisfied, they have a 100% money back guarantee, and live chat support through 24 hours.

-Emma Alvarez-

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