Recommended 55 Free Online Tools

Lately, the number of free online tools has grown enormously. Many of these tools are really original and useful.
These services help you to do tasks that you would never imagine doing in such an easy and quick way.
Sometimes, the same tools give you interesting ideas for your website, works... Ideas and concepts that can really increase your benefits.

Here you are a selection of the
most remarkable 55 free online tools:

Web Design Tools

Blog Design Tool, Online tool for creating templates for Wordpress and MovableType.

Vizu Polls, Free polls creator. You can customize colors, add images to the poll or to each of the answers, and share this poll and send it to social sites. The polls created with Vizu can be inserted in any website or blog.

WebWait, Loads your website 4 times and calculates the average load time.

Virtual Keyboard, A virtual keyboard that you can integrate in your website and this way add security to logins and also improve its accessibility for disabled people.

IzzyMenu, Build CSS horizontal or vertical websites menus for free, with this online tool. Or pick one from the big menus catalog and customize it.

Drawter, Draw your website on the screen, and let this tool generate the code (HTML and CSS) for you.

Weebly, A very quick and good service to create personal web pages. All the content is created through drag and drop, and it's very intuitive.

Google Page Creator, Simple but powerful pages creator, that can also be used to host small files. The interface is very neat and easy to use, being one of the most popular personal web page creation services.

Traffic Analysis Tools

CrazyEgg, Free click heatmaps for your site. A click heatmap is a service that sees where your visitors click and draws a graphic with colors that tell you which zones are clicked most often. It is good for optimizing ads placement., This service consists in a simple piece of code that you place in your website and shows how many people there are online.

Feng-GUI, This is an artificial intelligence program that examines our website and tells you which areas catch more the attention of visitors, so you can use that information for add placement or optimizing your template.

Feed Analysis, If you have an account on Feedburner, this tool can analyze your feed, and tell you the estimated value of ads per month that you could charge, the days of the week that most people subscribe to your feeds, and many more things.

ClickTale, Have you sometimes wondered what your visitors do when they visit your pages? This tool can tell you much more than a counter. It can record a movie on what they do, showing how much down they scroll, what they click, etc.

SEO Tools

Clusty Cloud Generator, This is a tag cloud generator that when you enter a term, it displays all related terms in a cloud. This can be inserted in your website. But it can also be used to choose keywords. Each word links to a search in the Clusty search engine.

Website Grader, Generates a complete report of SEO for your website, with many factors analyzed. A really excellent tool.

Domain Availability, If you have doubts choosing your domain name, this tool can tell you which are taken or not. Simply enter your desired domain name and it will tell you if it's available.

Google Trends, This service tells you which things are the most searched in Google. You can compare searches and see which ones are searched more often.

Test Everything, Test your website in many different ways. Access to many online web tools is centralized here.

Keyword Density, This SEO tool analyzes the number of times that the most used words in your website appear and makes a list with them. That way you can select them as keywords.

Navigation Tools

Sputtr, A search page that contains many search engines. You can add or remove those that you like from a very big list, and also submit new ones. That way you can have all your favorite search engines together in a page.

TinyURL, Takes a long url and turns it into a short url that you can paste in any comment, message, etc. so it doesn't end being cut.

Co.mments, Great web tool that can track the post in which you've made comments so when you get an answer you don't loose it.

Netvives, Web application that can read subscriptions to your favorite blogs, manage a to-do list, and many more things.

Office Suite Web Applications

YouOS, Not a tool, but an operative system with applications, recycle bin, desktop, etc.

Google Docs, It's an office suite, with word processor, etc, like MS Office. But online and powered by Google.

Zoho, Many web tools that you can use to write documents, organize your time, and many more. A complete online office solution.

FAXZero, Send a FAX to the USA or Canada for free through this web tool.

Intacalc, Intelligent calculator that reads human written language and makes calculations.

Preezo, This web tool can create presentations that are similar to those created with Powerpoint. As the presentation is stored online, you can collaborate with others to make presentations, and save time.

Image Tools

Splashup, Amazing graphics editor made in Flash that is like a Photoshop clone. You can load an image, edit it, or create it from the beginning. After that, you can directly upload it to Flickr, Picasa, and others., Create your favicon online. See it in a preview as you draw, choose the colors and draw pixel by pixel. Download it to your computer once finished. Browse the favicons others may have created.

Flickr Tools, Many image tools that can produce good effects and upload them to Flickr. For example, create motivation posters: those posters that you have seen dozens of times in Internet that are black with big white letters, and a photo.

Mashon, Create and publish comics online with a complete application that is specialized on comic and cartoons creation. This tool is free, only charges a small amount if you want a printed copy of your work.

Tartan Maker, Create tartan designs with this antique-looking tool. They can be used as page backgrounds as they are seamless.

PicBite, Upload an image or submit its url and comment it with blurbs. Once you finished, they give you an url to share it. This way, it is useful for quick commenting images, teach quick tips to someone, or how to use a website, etc.

ColourLovers, Enormous site that has some great tools to create colors and color palettes, and also browse combinations that others may have done, rate them, etc.

Colr, You can upload an image, and then use this tool to generate a pattern of colors from it. It is a great tool for building groups of colors that match your site's banner, for example.

Productivity Tools

Stikkit, Stop placing small yellow notes pasted on your monitor and start using this web tool, that is much more cleaner...

Sosius, Collaborate and work online without having to install anything, from any computer, in a secure environment., Make mind-maps and brainstorming sessions online. Embed that mindmap in your site. Share it with others, or print it in paper. Some visual effects are really funny.

To-Do List, Share with others a list of tasks to complete, so all of you have access to it.

Button Generators

Button Generator, Create impressive buttons for menus. Many different styles.

ButtonBoost, Full-featured web tool to generate all kinds of buttons with custom text, colors, and icons. Also, a huge library of buttons to choose as a base of your buttons.

Buttonator, Generates fully customizable buttons that look modern. There are several templates to choose from as a start.

Button Maker, There are many two-colored button generators, but this one produces better looking buttons of this type.

Promotion Tools

Socialmarker, This promotion tool can send a post to various social sites at a time.

How Much Is Your Blog, Fun widget generator that displays how much is your blog worth in dollars, measured on several factors. It's not really useful but can impress your audience.

Chart Tools

Online Charts Builder, Create charts online, with different shapes and colors for each data.

Gliffy, Create diagrams online with this free tool. Also useful for floor plans, flow charts, and all kind of diagrams.

ChartAll, Very easy tool for creating charts with your data. The charts are generated as an image that you can save and paste in your site, not having to paste any code.

Code Tools

Snipplr, This site allows you to store and share pieces of code that you use very often.

Code Highlighter, Colorizes your code so it looks better and helps reading it. Supports many different languages: HTML, PHP, XML...

Miscellaneous Tools

FontStruct, It is hard to find software to create fonts. This tool allows you to create your own fonts online for free. You can also browse the fonts others may have created.

Zamzar, Online file convertor. It can convert image and video files, and also sound and text files.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Pagealizer said...

For landing page analysis (Traffic Analysis Tools) try Pagealizer . Pagealizer shows how long people stay on your page (actual bounce rate), how far visitors scrolled down the page and where they clicked. Check us out :)

Anonymous said...

There is a great semitransparent ruler here:
useful because you can see what you are measuring, and free, of course.

Mike Volpe said...

Thanks for adding Website Grader to the list. We're glad you found our SEO and Marketing tool useful!

Mike Volpe
VP Marketing

Aaron said...

great stuff. another free tool that i use all the time is it's great for saving money.

Steph said...

Thanks for these, Emma. I especially like That will make my work a lot easier.

Do you know of a toolbar utility that will allow me to determine the hex #s of colors I find in sites on the web? Right now, I have to save the image and open it in PhotoShop to get the colors.

Thanks again!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you all for your suggestions. They are all very good.
If you have some favorite tool more to suggest, please do it.
This is a great help for everyone.

Thanks too to all the programmers that have commented, and did these programs.

Steph, my favorite is ColorCop. It is absolutely simple and great. I use it for everything. I love it.

Steph said...

That's a great little tool! Muchas gracias!

José said...

Hola Emma,

There are quite useful tools here.
I especially liked the virtual keyboard.
I may implement that on my blog.


Bookjewel said...

Wow!! Thank you for the great list. Just when I think I've found everything there is to find on the web someone makes a list to prove me wrong.

kblbdb said...


ColorZilla is a great extension for determining colors on a page if you are using Firefox.


Debi said...

Thanks for the link and screenshot of Gliffy. We hope the organizational accounts make communication even easier among groups,
debik at gliffy dot com

Sandra Sealy said...


I am a writer/blogger from the Caribbean.

Your recommended tools are EXCELLENT!

I just started a new wedding blog and happened across yours!

I was really thrilled to find the COPYSAFE and Google Page Creator.
I also will use one of the sets of Buttons you recommended.

I'd love (if you have time) if you could visit mine.

My first Blogs (one on a Wordpress platform, the other blogger) are writing related.

You can be sure that I'll add you to my resources there.


Thanks again,

mgwalks said...

Here is my new tool
Free online html image map tool

zuborg said...

I would also recommend to use this online free tool - to determine your site loading speed.

It's very detailed and realistic, does support a lot of browser features, like Keep-Alive. Also it's able to verify quality of internet link of your server.

Mobile PC said...

Site building tools looks like very easy.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Very nice site you have here Emma.

I came across an online tool recently that you may find interesting, I think it's fairly new.


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thanks for sharing. really helped a lot here.
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flashfreakmx said...

Great list! Don't forget about the RhinoSEO Website grader. RhinoSEO Website Grader

Anonymous said...

very nice..............

Unknown said...

Thank you it's very-very usefull...I easy to find many online tools here. Tx again..

Tomer said...

All those nice websites and you forgot the one and only:

best site... thanks anyway!

Houstonlaw said...

Thanks for the list. All the tools are very useful . Google tools are really helpful.

Free Fax Service

Unknown said...

Hi Emma,

The tools you've recommended are too good!

But you seem to have missed out

Creately is a great visual collaboration tool for distributed design and dev teams. It's a great diagramming app with fantastic support for wireframes, UML, flowcharts, business diagrams, software diagrams, k-12 graphic organizers and loads more. Give it a try!


KirillStorch said...

awesome...but I saw a shortage of good online graphic design tools, could you recommend some?

I have been using

for the longest time and could def use some more suggestions

Anonymous said...

You can use BannerDroid to make free Flash banners at . You just edit banner template online and generate swf.

DimAlf said...

Here is a quality free online tool also. Online image resize utility to resize pictures or photos and images quickly for free. Resize jpg, png or gif pictures and Digital Photos. Resize photos before posting them on your MySpace, Xanga, Facebook, and blog !

Online Image Resizer

With the Picture Resizer high quality engine, you may also crop and rotate images, apply Text-Over-Image or effects such as grayscale, sepia and invert. Image upload size limit is 8 mb, enough for most modern digital cameras.

Денис said...

You can add to "Image Tools" zooming images creator.
Some examples (sometimes it can make you sick):

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