Iron Man, The Story Of Tony Stark

Iron Man is a character of Marvel Comics. Like all the super-heroes, he is the alter ego of Anthony Stark, a wealthy and successful businessman.

His creators were Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The first appearance of Iron Man was in 1963, in the number 39 of the comic Tales Of Suspense.

The character of Tony Stark was born in New York, and inherited, when he was 21 years old, Stark Industries, after his parents died.

No one suspects that Tony Stark is Iron Man, because he pretends to be frivolous and arrogant.

The super-hero suit of Iron Man is an armor that gives him a super-human strength. He can handle different weapons with it. It also has the ability of flying. The powers of the armor change in time, as well as his appearance, as the armor evolves in technology level.

In the beginning the armor was gray, later it was golden, red...

The armor of Iron Man is flexible and resistant.

Between the enemies of Iron Man there are: Iron Morger, Justin Hammer, Mandarin...

Iron Man is the supporter of The Avengers, a super-heroes group that includes Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man himself...

After having a run of bad luck, he becomes alcoholic, so Iron Man gives the armor to Rhodes, that will be Iron Man during some time.

As a curiosity, Black Sabbath has a song that is called Iron Man. In one of the comics it is said that this song was one of the favorites of Tony Stark. That is the origin of the name of Iron Man.

The character of Iron Man has appeared in comics, TV series, animation movies, video games... and in a short time, the Iron Man movie will be shown in cinemas. Its director is John Favreau, and the Iron Man character will be played by Robert Downey. Gwyneth Paltrow will also appear as Pepper Potts, a worker in Stark Industries.

Iron Man Comiquette

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Kev Brown said...

I can't wait to see this movie, it looks excellent! Didn't realise it was another Stan Lee character!

Emma Alvarez said...

In the Fantastic Four II movie there was a scene in which Stan Lee appeared, in the scene of the terrace , in the wedding. It was great to see Stan Lee, that is a genius.
It reminded me the scenes of Alfred Hitchcock when he appears some seconds.
I hope that he'll appear again in this movie, at least for a little.

evilunleashed said...

Cool article. Let me just say that women who dig comics are awesome. Also, Stan Lee actually appears in all recent Marvel Comics movies. There have been some in the past that he wasn't in at some point, but pretty much everything in the last decade he has a cameo part. In Spider-Man he was on the street with a little girl in the mayhem during Green Goblin's attack on the festival. In The Incredible Hulk he was part of a double cameo with Lou Ferrigno. When Dr. Banner arrives at the lab for the first time at the beginning of the movie, Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno walk out the front door as Banner goes in. Apparently Stan plays the head of security and Lou is one of his guards. I won't give away all of the rest, you should watch them and look for him. One of my favorite things about Marvel movies is knowing Stan Lee is going to be in it somewhere and looking to find him. Much like Stephen King movies. He also appears in all his movies at some point, usually a bit part.

Emma Alvarez said...

Lol, I haven't noticed!!!

Unknown said...

Iron Man is a consistent action thriller filled with fast flowing action sequences. The comedy and drama Stark has is added bonus, plus the scientific language and look at the weapons industry will please die hard fans.

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