Telepathy In People, Plants And Animals

Telepathy is the ability of communicate directly from one mind to another, without the collaboration of spoken, written, or corporal language, no matter the distance between those minds.

The word telepathy comes from the Greek "telepatheia". "Tele" means distant, and "patheia" is "feeling", "affection".

The belief in telepathy is not accepted by the majority of the scientists. But there were done many researches to find proofs of telepathy in all the Universities all over the world. But a great part of the scientific community explain the results of these investigations as simple coincidences.

The first scientific that studied telepathy was Frederick William Henry Myers, in 1882. WH Myers founded the Society For Psychical Research. He and his team worked with cases of people that stated that they were telepaths.
Their investigations were published in numerous articles, that were strongly criticized by the scientifics of their times.

In 1917, the psychologist John E. Cooner, from the University of Standford, did a series of telepathy test with statistical data. Positive results were too high, so chance had not been possible here.
His experiment consisted in several patients trying to guess cards. Despite this, the scientific community also refused to accept the results.

In 1927, Joseph Banks Rhine, from the University of Duke, did the same card experiment, adding the following difference: he did the test between "normal" people and compared the results against those that considered themselves as "telepaths".
The results were demolishing: the ability of guessing was much bigger in telepaths than in normal people.
The conclusions of this study were published in the book "Extra Sensory Perception".

The so called telepathy can happen in several ways: dreams, mental images, or thoughts.

The optimal receiver should be in state of sub-conscience, being the best possible the state of the beginning or the end of the sleep.

There may be several kinds of telepathy. One could be the spontaneous telepathy or precognition, that is, when someone feels that something bad is gonna happen.

There's a case commented by Joseph Banks Rhine, in which a man felt a strong pain in the chest when he was driving. He had to stop his car. When he arrived home, he knew that his son had died in a traffic accident, from a blow in the chest. The facts happened in the same moment in which this man felt that precognition.

Telepathy experiments have not only been made with human beings. In 1969, Cleve Backster did an experiment with plants and a polygraph. He attached the wires of the machine to the plant's stem, and visualized in his mind this: burning the plant. In that moment, the polygraph needle began to move wildly.
There were several experiments with plants, in which the plant's reaction to psychical stimuli was shown. But the scientifics accused Backster of fraud.

In 1982, David Rohades, biologist from the University of Washington, proved that when a willow was attacked by a caterpillar, the willows of its same family secreted a substance that blocked these insects.

Experiments with animals were also done. For example: some Russian scientifics brought some rabbits to a war submarine. The submarine went more than 1000 Kms away. In the moment that these rabbits were killed, the mothers of those rabbits registered a very high brain tension in their electroencephalograms.

Another kind of telepathy may happen between very emotionally compatible people, and is usual between twins. Experiments with twins are very well-known, as in many occasions they share sensations of danger, sadness, or diverse emotions.

One of the most influential books on this matter is "Mental Radio". It gained the Pulitzer Prize. It was written by Upton Sinclair, and the prologue is by Albert Einstein. In this book, the author related experiments and mental connections.

Although there are many experiments around telepathy, no scientific community accepts its existence, and all the scientifics that study it are considered as pseudo-scientifics, and accused of lack or scientific rigor.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Anonymous said...

This is a great article Emma - many thanks for putting this one together. Thanks, Keith Johnson, Hallandale, Florida, USA

Greeneyezz said...

Great Article Emma! Very good stuff indeed.

I hope all is well in your corner of the universe.


suruha said...


I just found your site tonite and I am loving the articles! You have such a wide variety of topics, all my favorites. LOL

I'm a believer of 'telepathy', too. I have read of the Rhine's work, as, I have pre-cognition. I feel things before they happen - clairesentience. I've only been working at trying to 'control' this for about a year now. I denied it for so long because of some of the same reasons you give - people think you're crazy.

It is always good to come upon someone else who is putting this out there, in spite of the 'reputation' the paranormal has had. We are the ones who can change this. LOL

I want to go read more of your Telepathy and stuff. LOL

Thank you!


Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Su.
I try to write about these topics from a scientific point of view. I never tell my opinion. I want that people think by themselves.

Unknown said...

Each of us has natural capacities from the energies of the universe and matter. Even if these capabilities are still underdeveloped in the case of many people, they exist in a latent state. This is valid in various fields but especially in regard to the power of thought. The ability to communicate instantly is an example of a capacity that we have yet to develop. Telepathic transmission is also something we share with the animal kingdom. Animals have this telepathic capacity both with regard to the emotional level as well as the instinctive level. "The human being is able to improve this capacity up to a mental level and thereby establishing direct communication, from one mind to another." (Alex Mero)

Emma Alvarez said...

I agree but I think that each one must develop these capabilities to make of them something real

epsychic said...

A very nice article. I hope to see more of it.

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