Pieter Brueghel The Elder

Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1525-1569) was a great Flemish painter of the XVI century. He is supposed to have been born in Broghel, near Breda (Netherlands).

He was an apprentice of Pieter Coecke, and married his daughter. He had 2 sons with her, that also were painters: Jan Bruegel and Pieter Bruegel. For distinguishing between the father and the son, the father has been called Pieter Bruegel the Elder, and the son Pieter Bruegel the Younger.

Bruegel is often compared with Hieronymus Bosch. In both painters, fantastic elements exist, and a reference to death. The artworks of both painters are full of small secrets, and scenes full by people. These are not paintings that can be just given a glance. They are that kind of artworks that can delight us, while discovering new details on and on.

Pursuing his developing as an artist, Bruegel traveled to Italy, to study the Renaissance way of painting.

Bruegel also depicted the reality of his times. From scenes of happiness, of everyday life, to scenes of suffering. But despite of what he painted, there's something that stands out in his works, and is his enormous strength.
And over all that, his use of color. Doesn't matter what he tried to reflect in his paintings, the passion and strength of color in his artworks is indisputable.

Bruegel gives as much importance to landscapes as to the human figure, caring about the details. Bruegel is a painter that reflects the movement, with independence of the subject of his artworks. There's life in his paintings, and very much action.

Some of his works are depictions of popular sayings.

Even though little about his life is known, we know the main thing of Bruegel, that is his art, full of strength, life, movement and an unparalleled use of color.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Sincerae said...

Hi Emma,
I have liked the work of both Bruegel and Bosch for quite some time. For some reason the clutter found in their work is very appealing. So is the drama.

Thanks for writing this:)

Emma Alvarez said...

Sincerae, I like Bosch very much too. I like discovering details in his complex paintings.

bhupinder1066 said...

tht's is so scary and weird... i feel like i m in a some kind of scary dream... that's how a real artist find...


Emma Alvarez said...

Yes, he was a peculiar and great artist

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